This month’s NCSA Central Florida Chapter Meeting was a Speed Networking event. We had a solid turnout – with both new and familiar faces. If you’ve never participated in one, next time you’re given the opportunity, we would encourage you to try it. It gives you a chance to meet new people, to catch up with acquaintances, to practice your “elevator speech” and, besides, they’re a lot of FUN!

Each round consists of a 3 minute tête-à-tête; half of the room remaining stationary, the other half moving around the room in a clockwise fashion at the conclusion of each round. There is no precise format for the conversations, but each usually starts with introductions, including the name of your organization and your role. Chapter President Wes Tindal warned that the room might get a bit loud, but encouraged everyone to lean in across the table from his/her “partner,” but added jokingly that there was absolutely no kissing allowed! “That only happens after dinner and drinks,” he quipped (Such a funny guy, our Wes!) Time flew by, but given the number of business cards exchanged, many of these conversations are sure to continue via phone, email and at our next meeting.

Thanks again to Vistana Signature Experiences for providing the perfect venue for this event!