What better way to start an NCSA Chapter Meeting than with a cup of hot coffee and a donut?! Wait! Before you say another word... We’re not talking just any donut here. That’s right, I’m talkin’ ‘bout Voodoo Doughnuts! Personally, it gave me great satistfaction watching those in attendance make what could have been the toughest decision of their morning, namely, “Do I go with the Voodoo Doll, Portland Cream or Maple Bacon Bar?

From Voodoo to Omni-Channel. In hindsight, perhaps not the easiest transition. I take full responsibility for that choice of topic. Believe it or not, my motives were part altruistic, part selfish. There’s tons of buzz right now about call centers making the transition from a multi- to an omni-channel model. I, for one, am interested in identifying and learning from those early adopters, particularly when it comes to new technology and modern – dare I say, futuristic methods of doing business.

The focus of our discussion was on just three aspects of the omni-channel model: making that transition toward an integrated guest experience, maintaining quality assurance standards across channels and then we touched briefly upon leveraging speech analytics to improve agent performance and the guest interaction.  

A few best practices suggested:

·         Understand where your customers are and be sure to have a brand presence in those channels.

·         If you are going to do business in a given channel, make sure you do it well!

·         To be successful, regardless the channel, your customer should find doing business with you convenient, consistent, relevant, authentic, informative and empowering.

·         Understand your strategy for each channel and tailor your QA tactics accordingly. Remember - Your brand identity should always remain top of mind!

·         In the right hands, speech analytics is an amazing tool for gaining insight into agent performance. SA also offers the potential to ameliorate the guest experience.   

Thanks to those of you who joined us this month – both members and friends! For those of you who couldn’t make it, Voodoo Doghnut is located in Universal’s CityWalk (Yet another shameless plug!). We hope to see you all next month!